I’m letty I from Venezuela .. I got the BieberFever and I’m 100% Belieber
I love Justin Drew Bieber with all my heart.. I’m very proud of him and always will support him … I love his music… his eyer… his smile… well! I love everything about him, he’s all for me
He taught me to #NeverSayNever cuz I was born to be somebody and my dreams come true …
He always be my inspiration *-* and I'll be standing right next to him..Never Say Never, Never lose hope, Keep on swaggin Beliebers Feel it… believe it.. dream it… be it

October 19 BIEBERCONCERT ♥-♥ I'll never!! ever!! forget it

One direction is my favorite group.. I love them *-* they're amazing .. I love their music .. everything about them
One direction mean the world to me, they're the most beautiful thing that I have in my life , I love them, I support them .. I love everything about them "ONE DREAM, ONE BAND, ONE DIRECTION" I love with all my heart Harry Styles,Liam Payne,Zayn Malik,Niall Horan and last but not least Louis tomlinson

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Swag Swag Swag on you

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Meet and Greet in Cologne (April 6)

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ok Justin we get it

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